April 24, 2017

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Mobile Apps Design and Development

Due to the boom that the mobile market has acquired - and will acquire -, mobile applications are indispensable tools that must be part of the strategies of companies to reach their customers. Underestimating the mobile presence of the companies means losing an important channel of communication and dissemination, and with it a large percentage of target audience. Before developing a mobile application, it is important to study the market, be clear to what kind of users you want to reach and observe the competition. Differentiating from rivals is also important in the field of mobile applications. Only by following these steps will you be able to create the application that the company needs.

MaITs specialises in development of mobile applications using both native and multi-platform code. The benefit with multi-platform app development is that it is cheaper and can be deployed for all the major platforms (Android, Apple, Windows). Native mobile applications development is typically more expensive but performance is extremely good because you can also utilise all of the hardware features to its max potential.

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  • Business Apps
  • Chats
  • CRMs
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MaITs stands for marketing and IT solution, MaITs provide the best service in Mobile App Development Web Designs and Software development in Brisbane.

Want to build up a Mobile App?

Don’t know where to go or Who can help you better?

Don’t Worry!

MaITs is the answer, we provide the best service and will help you in every step.

MaITs is the best place to come to when you want to build a great Mobile or Web App.

When you work with us we assure you get the best results. We are 100% committed to our clients. We at MaITs work with 100% Passion, Commitment and Trust. We make sure our client gets the best, we dedicate all of our time and attention to our client.

A Few reason on why working with us on App development is beneficial:

Meet Us and Discuss Your Ideas:

Have ideas?  Want to build an app? Come visit us and explain us what ideas you have about creating your own app and we will help you in every of bringing your ideas to life.


Once you brought your ideas to us, our team will help you finding the right way to bring your idea to life. We will give you friendly suggestion on how your app can do wonders and will help build a user friendly app.


We make heaps of efforts to guarantee that your project is finished on time, so you get the chance to arrange on the officially chose day. Time may vary according to the project. Many tests and approvals that take place on your application before launching to avoid technical glitches.

Type of App:

It depends on you which type of app you choose,

Native: Native apps are an application program that is developed to be used on a particular platform or device.

Hybrid: Hybrid applications are web applications (or web pages) in the native browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android (not Safari or Chrome). They are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova.

Target Market Analysis:

Target marketing can influence the way you bring your app to the market. Our team will use the best marketing technique to attract users towards your product.

Quote - Low on Budget and High on Returns:

On the off chance that you are new in the business and you'd jump at the chance to have a mobile application to get more clients, then it is beneficial for you to procure and work with MaITs. This accomplice can help you by giving you a cost effective project delivery plan arrange for which would brings about the expansion in your investment returns.

Intuitive Design:

To perk up app's performance, apps make use of core functionalities of hardware. The applications made by MaITs team are easy to understand with navigation panes.


Skilled and Experienced Team of Technology Experts:

We have committed group of engineers, who are specialists in app development and they are instrumental in changing over your mobile application idea into reality. It offers you with their best development tools and technologies to build up an application meeting your necessities and particulars.

You will without a doubt get numerous favorable circumstances if you work with us as ability set ranges and mechanical mastery crosswise over building up a wide assortment of big business applications. Other than these, all you have to do before giving over your app ideas to us is to determine our credibility and experience in creating mobile applications.

When you have a decent handle on these things, the fun begins. That is, getting the chance to see your project come to life.

Process for Working with Our Team

Development Steps

Development While working through the advancement arrange, it is vital that you, as the customer, are refreshed of the advance at each progression of the procedure. Ordinarily this is done through some venture administration instrument. Mistakes made at this phase of the application creation process can be exorbitant, so it will be basic for you to have normal correspondence with the improvement group you're working with.

App Mockup Design

We prepare a mockup design for our clients as it is a great way of showcasing them their mobile application design.

Customer Verification

Customer Verification is an important step so we start the verification and then we go on for Signing a contract before you sign a contact with an individual or group, it's critical to realize what you are signing. Our business is to benefit you. Another thing to make sense of before you sign an agreement is whether your project will be charged on a period based model or whether the project will be finished for a level expense. In the event that your project will be charged on a period based model, it will be significantly more vital for you to have clear deliverables plot in the contract.

Design into Coding Ideas

We give our customers a coded up proto type. We put your design ideas into code. We hand over to you the set of code used for creating the app. Design After wireframing is finished, you'll normally begin the plan stage where you'll get high-determination .psd records made that are deride ups of what the application will look like when it is created. This stage is the place you will tissue out logos, hues, styling, textual styles, and so on and truly nail down the look and feel of your application. Once you're content with the visual plan, you'll move onto the improvement stage.

Uploading it to App/Android Store

The day has at last come! Your application is done, tried and prepared to dispatch. The way toward distributing your application to the application store can here and there take a little while. On iOS, Apple physically surveys each application accommodation and may request that you roll out improvements before distributing it. Getting press around your discharge will be vital to help you get introduction.


Cloud or Web Applications

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software typically a suite of integrated applications that a companies can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities including: Product planning, cost Manufacturing or service delivery Marketing and sales Inventory Shipping and payments. ERP software modules can help an organisation’s administrators monitor and manage supply chain, procurement, inventory, finance, product lifecycle, projects, human resources and other mission-critical components of a business through a series of interconnected executive dashboards. we can help you grow your business by building your own ERP (Enterprise resource planning) System.

Next Steps...

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